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Sunday, 15/03/2020 Coronavirus prevention: There is more detailed guidance from the General Secretary of the Scottish Episcopal Church on the lit noticeboard, but, in outline, we are: Where possible, eliminating physical contact, whether handshakes or hugs, and, in particular, at the Peace Offering bread only at Communion Maintaining a respectful distance from each other and more »

This Week at St John’s

Sun 8 Sept: Trinity 12 (2nd) 8.00am Holy Communion (Scottish Liturgy 1970) (Chancel) 9.15am Morning Service (Crichton Memorial Church) 9.30am Matins (Church) 11.00am Sung Eucharist (Crèche facilities during the service; refreshments and presentation about lighting afterwards) 6.00pm Taizé-style worship (Church)


I’m conscious that there has been some time since the last Vestry update. Many of the items that have been discussed have been shared with everyone—the discussion on same sex marriage in the church building, the progress with the project to repair the tower and to improve the lighting in church—but there are other matters more »