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A Memory Verse

During Sunday’s All-Age Service, some of us, in our response to the readings, used a system of cards to learn a memory verse from Psalm 27.

It was verse 1:

“The Lord is my light and my salvation. I will fear no-one. The Lord protects me from all dangers. I will never be afraid.”

Memory VerseWith parts of the verse on each of a set of cards, we read the verse out, then removed some cards. We tried reading the verse again and filled in the gaps from memory.

Removing more cards each time, we had to remember more and more of the verse for ourselves. Eventually, there were no cards, and we had memorised our Psalm verse.

It’s probably not the way to remember whole books from the Bible, but we left our service on Sunday with a little key to remembering our way back into the readings of the day and the response of our gathering to them.

Change of Venue

New for 2016 is our move into the church. Taking advantage of the new flexible layout in our church, the All-Age Service will be in the church proper at 9.15am every first and third Sunday of the month.;

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