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Time out to remember Scottish pupils who get their results today – and their teachers, family and friends!

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St John's Church

Arts, crafts, games, music, and eating together all being used to explore the working out of how humans can relate with God. Do you sometimes wish you were a kid? Do you remember the traumas of growing up! In what ways can we make our worship childlike, without being childish?

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Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway

And standing in the space where two circles meet can signify two realms meeting, a gateway. So, for example; heaven and earth, from the womb during birth, the present moment and eternity.

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Current Weaving Church session

We started to explore the international connections between Dumfries and the world, by thinking about the connections between St Johns Dumfries and the Worldwide Church throughout time. We also did a lot of twisting and weaving of sheets into ropes into tapestry.

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Scottish Episcopal Church - Provincial Youth Committee

Would you like to find out more?

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Lent 2017 – book group

This year we will be preparing for Easter by discussing a book called “The Rebirthing of God” : Christianity’s struggle for new beginnings.

We will on Tuesday evenings, in Dumfries. We will also be meeting on google hangouts between 7 and 9pm for those who cannot get there in person CLICK HERE to join in (you will need a web cam!)

You can also contribute to an online discussion group that will run throughout Lent. Please contact wordsmithcrafts AT gmail DOT com

Quartz at Youthbeatz

Youthbeatz is a youthfestival which attracts 1200 young people annually. This makes it the largest of its kind in Scotland and probably the UK. It is ticketed, but free, and organised and run largely by young people from Dumfries.

Following our work in Dumfries schools, Quartz were invited to set up in the Health and Wellbeing section. Volunteers wore clothing to represent the timespan between St Queran establishing himself in the Dumfries area (somewhere between 700 and 800AD, See Anne Shuckmans previous magazine article) and the present day. This represented our activities connection to the continuous presence of Christian Spirituality for well over a thousand years, and it’s relevance to the ways in which people explored spirit and truth before then.

Visitors were encouraged to Walk the Labyrinth and pick up a meditation card (#SensingOtherness), Participate in an organic weave (#sensingMeaningfulness) , And to capture fleeting thoughts from the internet, with a feather, using caligraphy. (#SensingValues)

Canopy of Flames


The latest art installation is called a “Canopy of Flames”

In preparation for Pentecost, where we remember the presence of the Holy Spirit. Everyone was encouraged to write on a ribbon to recognise the presence of good and Godly things, thoughts and feelings in their lives. These thoughts were combined to make a “Canopy of Flames” for Pentecost. The flames were then woven with a warp and a ground weft to make a wall hanging where three become one – for Trinity Sunday.


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