Creative Worship

Creative Worship At St John’s has a Facebook page where the group shares ideas.

Time in the camp is set by things like keeping the fire lit, fetching water and managing the task of the day.

Work and rest follow a rhythm connected to the place. The rewards of disciplines like tidying up, having a place for everything and being economical with resources become obvious very quickly.

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Reenactment and crafts as an art project?

Performing unfamiliar tasks in a familiar place. Introducing people to skills from their heritage, and which have been shaped by tree tide and landscape. Talking about the relationships which hold our being, formed through communication with our environment, both seen and unseen.

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#SensingSpirituality is something you can practice everyday. Check out Instagram and Twitter, as well as here, for photos that express special moments in ordinary time.

Use the #tags to share your moments too!

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Thoughts from the ordination of deacons service in York Minster yesterday.

(Can you work out what the readings were?)
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4 weeks ago

Quartz at St Johns Dumfries

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Canopy of Flames


The latest art installation is called a “Canopy of Flames”

In preparation for Pentecost, where we remember the presence of the Holy Spirit. Everyone was encouraged to write on a ribbon to recognise the presence of good and Godly things, thoughts and feelings in their lives. These thoughts were combined to make a “Canopy of Flames” for Pentecost. The flames were then woven with a warp and a ground weft to make a wall hanging where three become one – for Trinity Sunday.


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