Fairtrade Fortnight

Dear friends,


Fairtrade Fortnight is nearly here and there’s a lot going on.  It’s all online of course but that means that we can join with folk from all over Scotland and beyond, from the comfort of our homes! 

We especially want you to know about our Online Coffee Morning, on Saturday March 6th, 11am.  

We plan to have a short film to watch, a chance to chat and a quiz. We will be meeting by Zoom, and if you would like to join us please reply to this email [dumfriesfairtrade AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk]  and we will send you the link nearer the time. We do hope you can join us.

We will also be sharing recipes on our website and on facebook in the days beforehand – so please send us your favourite using Fairtrade ingredients and we will add them.  Here is the link to the latest newsletter from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum with details of lots of other events – most of them are free to join and all of

of them look good – let’s make the most of this opportunity to join with others across Scotland and make a difference this Fairtrade Fortnight. 

Thanks for your support,

Rosie Rutherford

On behalf of the Dumfries Fairtrade group

We are on Facebook and Twitter @FairDumfries

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Every service held in St Johns involves the use of artistic expression spanning thousands of years of Church history. Some of the events we run however specifically seek to experiment with new forms of artistic expression and to embody the tradition we have received to express it in fresh and creative ways.

Examples of this have been using the whole building (rather than just the sanctuary) for worship, changing the seating arrangement and sit in a circle with the communion table at the center, collaboratively working on banners seeking out you tube clips and popular music and, well many more examples can be found on this page.