Mobile Phones

Do you have an old, but working, mobile phone (even a very basic one) lying in a drawer, perhaps with a charger? A rummage round the church office yielded six such phones and a further rummage at home produced another 3. I’m just awaiting confirmation of this, but I think I’ve found somewhere that would be delighted to have them. You may remember that the Mission to Seafarers used to take surplus phones, but they don’t seem to do that any more. I should be able to confirm this by next week, but if you’d like to start your own rummaging, I should be able to ‘fence’ them for you! More details when I have them.
David Kerr

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Every service held in St Johns involves the use of artistic expression spanning thousands of years of Church history. Some of the events we run however specifically seek to experiment with new forms of artistic expression and to embody the tradition we have received to express it in fresh and creative ways.

Examples of this have been using the whole building (rather than just the sanctuary) for worship, changing the seating arrangement and sit in a circle with the communion table at the center, collaboratively working on banners seeking out you tube clips and popular music and, well many more examples can be found on this page.