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Creative Worship At St John’s has a Facebook page where the group shares ideas.

2 years ago
Dumfries Museum

Caterpillars and butterflies are often used as symbols of transformation.

Forget all of that for a bit, let yourself encounter the joy of making, and the fun of colourful flight. Make these, ... See more

No4 - Making a bonny butterfly
While the museums and galleries are closed, we have some free fun (with a little bit of sneaky learning) family summer holiday activities for you to do at home.
You can ... See more

2 years ago

2 years ago

Remember to smile at the little things.

2 years ago

Sometimes it is difficult to see the beauty until you get inside and look out from that perspective. Mindsets as well as buildings.

2 years ago
Scottish Episcopal Church - Provincial Youth Committee

Just 2 more days left to sign up for Glen 20 Online! Grab a parent/guardian and get them to book your FREE place for 2-8 August today! Go to: #piskyyouth ... See more

2 years ago

Some reading for today.

At the last 2nd Sunday creative worship session we move on from a discussion on liminality and the place where things can change. We explored ideas of homeland. We took time ... See more

2 years ago
SP Energy Networks

We have seen massive changes to adapt to the sudden crisis of Covid-19. There is a longer term climate crisis happening though, and tool like this are being developed to help us ... See more

We've launched our brand new Zero Carbon Communities tool today to help individuals and local groups turn their community energy plans and ideas into reality. With thanks to Community Energy ... See more

2 years ago
More applications invited for Child Poverty Fund - The Scottish Episcopal Church

Earlier this year the Scottish Episcopal Church launched a fund to help to target child poverty in Scotland. Grants of up to £5,000 have been made available, on successful application, for a pilot ... See more

2 years ago

1.What are the opportunities in the 'new normal'?

Outdoor worship? Response to Climate Crisis? Leaving baggage behind? Increased experience if community empowerment and DIY solutions?

2. What do ... See more

2 years ago
Cathedral's black Jesus is a 'bold statement'

Does visual art expand your mind or limit your imagination?

The artist said she wanted "to make people question the Western myth that Jesus had fair hair and blue eyes".

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